How to Reset Frigidaire Refrigerator? A Detailed Guide

Frigidaire’s lineup of refrigerators is long enough to meet the daily refrigeration demands of US households. Although these appliances are designed to function properly for years, they might experience various issues. Many of these problems can be troubleshot with a simple action – resetting the refrigerator.

With this task comes a set of components like the temperature settings, alarms, compressor, defrost timer, air and water filter that may need to be reset as well. This article is intended to be a complete guide to let you learn how to reset Frigidaire refrigerator.

How to Reset Frigidaire Refrigerator

Find and Use the Reset Button on Your Frigidaire Refrigerator

Like most refrigerators from other manufacturers, Frigidaire models typically have their Reset button on the inside. If you are going to use it, the steps below should be followed.

  • Unplug the power cord from the electric outlet and keep it that way for at least 15 minutes.
  • Plug the cord back in again.
  • Find the Alarm Reset button and hold it down for about three seconds.
  • Locate the Down arrow and press it three times.
  • Locate and press the Up arrow just once.

Now, you have to prepare for choosing the right temperature. The manufacturer provides instructions to help customers find the most ideal settings for their needs. What are the recommended settings, by the way?

  • For a newly installed unit, stabilization of temperature required around one full day (24 hours).
  • Don’t think about doing any adjustment or bringing changes to the recommended settings during the first day after the installation.
  • For French-Door or Side-by-Side refrigerators or models with electronic controls, 37 degrees Fahrenheit should be ideal for the compartment that keeps fresh food and zero degree Fahrenheit is recommended for the freezer.
  • For Multi-Door models, the compartment for fresh food should be set at 39.
  • For models with dial controls, you should aim for an indicator that shows “normal”.

Does it complete your education on how to reset the temperature on a Frigidaire refrigerator? You still need to know your way with the Alarm, Water Filter, Filter Light, Defrost Timer, and compressor. For the display and air filter on gallery models, you should take different steps.

How to Reset a Frigidaire Refrigerator Alarm Unit?

This particular unit features several alarm systems such as the Power Failure (PF), Flapper, High Temp, Door Ajar, and SB/ Sb alarms. These alarms alert users of the need for any change in their actions. These are the most common alarms which may also vary by various Frigidaire models.

How to Reset Frigidaire Refrigerator After Power Outage?

The PF alarm gets to work as power failure occurs. You have to press the ‘Alarm Reset’ button to acknowledge it once your power is restored. This action allows your appliance to resume its normal operations.

In case of power outage for several hours or an extended period, you’ll see the High Temp alarm illuminating for as long as the unit requires to reach an operating temperature that is safe.

How to Reset the High Temp/ H/ HI Alarm?

Upon your fridge’s exceeding the regular temperature threshold, this alarm gets into action if the fridge door is left open or not closed all the way for hours. You can mute it instantly or allow it to stay illuminated for as long as the appliance resumes its normal operation. Remember that the alarm will get activated if

  • The freezer’s temperature is 26 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
  • The refrigerator’s temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

How to Reset the Door Ajar?

This alarm gets activated, and the indicator illuminates on the display of a refrigerator if the door is kept open for 5 minutes. Just close that door and hit the Set key.

How to Reset the SB or Sb Alarm?

It indicates that the unit is in Sabbath mode. Press the “∨” and “∧” on the temp control panel and hold them for at least five seconds to reset this alarm.

How to Reset the DI SP Alarm?

If you see this indicator, the ice chute must have a jammed ice cube in it for quite a while. Open the refrigerator door to inspect the ice chute. Do you see any ice jammed in there? If you do, simply and remove it or any other blockage to get the alarm reset.

How to Reset the Compressor?

Whether you want to adjust the temperature of your fridge or defrost it, you may need to reset the compressor at some point. The compressor in its perfect or functional state can solve several internal issues. So, it needs to be reset properly.

  • Unplug the appliance from the power source and keep it unplugged for a while. Ignore the knocking noises or whooshing resulting from the disconnection.
  • Turn off your freezer/ refrigerator by setting it to zero and plug the unit back into the socket.
  • Reset the controls on the appliance by keeping the temperature to the degrees recommended by the owner’s manual.
  • Allow the fridge about 24 hours to stabilize its temperature. Rushing things at this stage is not a good idea.

How to Reset the Water Filter?

The water filter on a fridge forces water through an activated carbon component inside the filters to clear any contaminants that might be present in the water. These are your steps.

  • Unlock the filter by pushing its face or end inwards.
  • Pull the filter slowly out of the compartment by pushing it a little bit inside.
  • Hold a new filter and push it slowly into the compartment till you feel a click.
  • Run a small amount of water for at least 3 minutes to ensure a consistent flow of water.
  • Locate the button that says ‘Filter Status’ on the control panel of the Ice and Water Dispenser. Press the button and hold it for about three seconds. Do you see the status being changed to ‘Good’ from ‘Replace’? If you do, you are done.

How to Reset the Filter Light?

The filter light may also need to be reset at some point. Simply press the specific reset button on your front panel and hold it until the indicator goes off. If you’ve managed to reset the light successfully, you should see green light. If you have NOT, you’ll see red light which means either or both of your filters should be replaced.

How to Reset the Defrost Timer?

The Defrost timer on a refrigerator shuts off the evaporator fan motors as well as the compressor. It turns the defrost mode on following a regular interval to keep the evaporator free of defrost. The timer usually comes covered inside a panel and is located at the appliance’s back or bottom or back.

  • Unscrew that panel and find the timer.
  • Turn the notch on the defrost timer anti-clockwise to turn it completely.
  • This action will cause the refrigerator to shut down quickly.
  • Try to figure out if the fan has stopped. A stopped fan indicates that the timer is undergoing the reset process.
  • Reposition the panel that covers the timer and leave it that way for about 30 minutes. The timer should resume its operation.

How to Reset Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator?

Among the brand’s top-selling products are the gallery refrigerators which are slightly different from the professional models mostly because of having an extra ice bin that is located on the top left side with the capacity for holding 7 pounds. Here is how you can reset a gallery model.

With a gallery model, you only need to learn how to work the display and air filter because all other areas have already been discussed above.

Resetting the Display

It doesn’t take a lot of effort on your end to reset the gallery refrigerator’s display. You can do it by unplugging and plugging in the unit. 

  • Unplug it from your power outlet to leave it that way for 30 seconds.
  • Plug the unit back to the outlet, and then leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Power the refrigerator because the display panel should reset itself by this time.
  • If you don’t see any light, it indicates that the display got locked. Simply press the ‘Control Lock’ button and hold it for a few seconds.

Don’t apply too much force on anything since the display panel is only a touch screen made with fragile glass that needs to be handled gently.

Resetting the Air Filter

This task involves a little more effort than just unplugging/ plugging. Start by opening the fridge and pulling some of the stuff inside out.

  • Locate the air filter holder and pull it out.
  • Find out the particular air filter that has to be changed and then slide it out.
  • Replace the old one with a new one.
  • Put the holder back properly into the position.
  • Press the button that says ‘Air Filter Reset’. You’ll find it on the control panel. Hold it for three seconds and wait to see the display showing ‘Good’ from ‘Replace’.
  • The indicator on the Air Filter Reset automatically turns itself off in a few seconds.

By now, you know how to reset a Frigidaire refrigerator, no matter which model you have. Have patience while adjusting the different settings and working on the various parts. Feel free to write to us if you have additional questions on troubleshooting your Frigidaire refrigerator.

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