5 Best 30 Inch Wide Refrigerator Reviews & Buying Guide (2022)

In average American households, you’ll see refrigerators 36 inches or wider, and French doors are more popular than other styles. Most manufacturers follow this trend, and consequently, you see limited options that meet your expectations.

Since you’re reading this article, you are very specific about the space your new refrigerator will occupy in the kitchen. To assist you in making a choice, we’ve compiled a small list so that you can find the best 30 inch wide refrigerator.

Best 30 Inch Wide Refrigerator

What Are The Best 30 Inch Wide Refrigerators? [Quick Summary]

  • Editor’s Pick: Frigidaire FFTR1821TS 30 Inch Top Freezer Refrigerator
  • Best for control: Kenmore 30″ Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker, 18 Cubic Ft.
  • Best for a family: RCA RFR1207 Top Freezer Apartment Size Refrigerator
  • Best  price: Frigidaire FFHT1835VW 30″ Top Freezer Refrigerator
  • Best for maintenance: Daewoo RTE18GSBCD Top Mount Refrigerator, 18 Cu.Ft.

A comparison table is here to help you know exactly which 30-inch refrigerators we’re going to review and what they include.

Best 30 Inch Wide Refrigerator Reviews In 2022

After extensive research, we’ve learned about dozens of refrigerators and shortlisted these five models, which may not include a 30 inch wide french door refrigerator or some full-sized counter-depth fridges but the ones that stand out when the width is not to exceed 30 inches.

1. Frigidaire FFTR1821TS 30 Inch Top Freezer Refrigerator

Frigidaire FFTR1821TS 30 Inch Top Freezer Refrigerator
This Frigidaire model has all the basic features of a cooling appliance for a small family that needs an affordably priced refrigerator with sufficient storage if not huge.

Classic Color and Finish with a Modern Design

The stainless steel color with a glossy finish and solid pattern brings a classic yet modern look. The refrigerator is available in another variant, Frigidaire FFTR1821TW, in which the only difference is the color.

Its surface is virtually scratch-resistant and rust-proof. Discoloration won’t occur quickly, but you can wipe down the surface to keep its clean look.

Spacious Dimensions and Volume

The total capacity of the model is 18 Cu. Ft., including the fresh food compartment, has 14.1 Cu. Ft., and the freezer with 3.9 Cu. Ft. The 30-inch refrigerator stands 66.13 inches (with hinge) and 65.38 inches (without hinge). The cabinet is 26.63 inches deep and 29.63 inches wide. The entire unit is 32.25 inches deep, including the handle and door.

Drawers and Shelves with Ample Space

Located at the bottom are two crisper drawers for fruits and veggies. The dairy bin is clear, so you can identify the desired butter, cheese, milk, or yogurt when needed.

One deli drawer is mounted conveniently to allow easy access to cheeses and cured meats. This enclosed shallow drawer is slightly colder than other areas meant for fresh produce.

The door shelves contain small and large items while providing more space inside. The freezer includes a full-width wire shelf to help you keep or find items without any hassle.

Automatic Humidity Control and Other Features

Without this control, the crisper drawers are no different from any other space inside your fridge. A sensor is mounted inside the drawers to measure the humidity, and it gets into action when humidity reaches the set level. It means you won’t need to monitor the control manually.

The incandescent interior lighting setup provides sufficient illumination without consuming much energy (annual energy consumption being only 404 kWh).

Specifications at a Glance

  • Style: Freezer Top; Freestanding
  • Color and Finish: Stainless Steel and White; Glossy
  • Door Style: Reversible (Left/ Right)
  • Capacity: 18 Cu. Ft. (Fresh: 14.1 Cu. Ft.; Freezer: 3.9 Cu. Ft.)
  • Storage: 1 Fixed Door Bin, 2 Pull-Out Shelves, 2 Crispers
  • Condenser: Dynamic
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Parts and Labor)

Why Should You Buy It?

This Frigidaire appliance is a good bargain in terms of durability and straightforward serviceability. Although more built-in features are desirable, it is ready to mount an ice maker. An inverter type would be great; however, moderate energy consumption makes up for it.

You might have ‘frost buildup’ issues. You can put a piece of plastic on the top shelf keeping it tight against the perimeter.

2. Kenmore 30″ Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker, 18 Cubic Ft.

Kenmore 30
With stainless steel color and metallic finish on the exterior part, Kenmore 70715 reminds us of a classic top-freezer, having sufficient capacity to support a family of 4-5 members. If you look for a neutral tone, you can choose Kenmore 70712, a white variant offering the same specs.

Kenmore 60615 is another refrigerator that sells at a more reasonable price but offers the same capacity and features. Unlike the above two Kenmore refrigerators, it is only available in the stainless steel variant.

Fingerprint-Resistant Active Finish

The stainless steel exterior helps tone down any bright color within your decor without detraction. The active finish incorporates fingerprint-resistant properties to let you get rid of any smudges from day-to-day usage with a simple cleaning.

Humidity-Controlled Crisper with Frost-Free Freezer

Inside the crisper drawers, humidity is always kept at an optimal level due to the humidity control function. So, you can keep your produce fresh without wasting much. Using the frost-free mechanism, the freezer helps prevent the buildup of ice and reduce burn.

Standard Capacity with Adjustable Storage Options

Its total capacity is a little more than 18 Cu. Ft., consisting of a fresh food unit (13.12 Cu. Ft.) and a freezer (5.07 Cu. Ft.). The door bins can house up to 2-liter bottles. The utility bin is all about ease of access. The split shelves are adjustable and ready to keep tall and wide items.

Energy-Saving Appliance with Powerful LEDs and Useful Extras

The Energy-Star certified fridge uses bright LEDs to illuminate the interior. Use the built-in ice maker when you need cool drinks. The large handles let you have a firm grip as you open/ close the doors. You don’t need any additional adapters while placing it in any place other than the kitchen.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Style: Top Freezer; Freestanding
  • Color and Finish: Stainless Steel and White; Metallic
  • Door Hinges: Right
  • Frost: Automatic
  • Capacity: 18 Cu. Ft. (Fresh: 13.12 Cu. Ft.; Freezer: 5.07 Cu. Ft.)
  • Storage: 5 Shelves, 2 Crispers
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Parts and Labor)

Why Should You Buy It?

The capacity and the exterior finish could be some good reasons. Still, we would like to highlight its energy efficiency and storage organizers, which come in handy by maximizing your benefits from day-to-day refrigeration.

3. RCA RFR1207 Top Freezer Apartment Size Refrigerator

RCA RFR1207 Top Freezer Apartment Size Refrigerator
The manufacturer says it is an apartment-size refrigerator. It is not what we call a compact fridge, but its dimensions make for a convenient size that fits in a small kitchen.

Flexible Storage Space with Adjustable Shelves

Some parts of the fridge are adjustable. These include the interchangeable door side, the adjustable feet height, and removable shelves, all contributing to enhanced usability.

Adjustable Thermostat and Built-in Lamp

You know why a thermostat matters. The controlling component lets you adjust your refrigerator’s cooling system. Knowing the correct figures, you can control how much or less of the temperature your food is kept in. The LED lamp (interior lighting) won’t disappoint when you need to find food quickly.

CFC-Free Refrigeration

This refrigerator is climate-friendly and ozone-friendly due to its no dependency on fluorocarbons (FCs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Since many refrigerators still use either of these chemicals as refrigerants, the RFR1207 can make a difference, mainly if you focus on eco-friendly living.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Style: Top Freezer
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Door Hinges: Right
  • Lock: Electronic
  • Capacity: 12 Cu. Ft. (Fresh: 10 Cu. Ft.; Freezer: 2 Cu. Ft.)
  • Storage: 5 Shelves, 1 Crisper
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Why Should You Buy It?

Affordability is the most obvious benefit of this model. In addition, its energy efficiency is rated highest (among the models reviewed in this article). However, its capacity (Cu. Ft.) could be a little larger, and the overall look a bit trendier.

4. Frigidaire FFHT1835VW 30″ Top Freezer Refrigerator

Frigidaire FFHT1835VW 30
This 30 inch wide counter depth refrigerator offers the largest capacity among all other models on our list. The creamy white refrigerator has its stainless steel variant, Frigidaire FFTR1835VS.

Advanced Cooling System

The EvenTemp cooling system helps prevent unwanted freezing and warm spots by optimizing the airflow to maintain a consistent temperature across the space inside the refrigerator.

Flexible Storage System

The glass shelves cover the entire width inside both the fridge and freezer. The door bins and deli drawer are spacious. If yours is a busy family looking for flexible refrigerator space, this might be a good solution.

Crisper Drawers With Roller Support

The crisper drawers are equipped with some roller support to let you use them without much effort. The automatic humidity control function keeps produce and fruits edible and fresh for an extended period.

Auto-Close Doors

You cannot go wrong with the doors being left slightly open because they use an auto-close mechanism when kept ajar up to 5″. This particular function helps you avoid having spoiled food now and then.

Stringent Quality Checks

As part of Frigidaire’s commitment to ensure the quality of appliances, the manufacturer makes sure that each refrigerator undergoes a 42-point check that assures users that their home appliance will serve as per the expectations for years.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Style: Top Freezer, Counter-Depth
  • Color: White, Stainless Steel
  • Door Hinges: Reversible
  • Capacity: 18.3 Cu. Ft. (Fresh: 13.4 Cu. Ft.; Freezer: 4.9 Cu. Ft.)
  • Storage: 3 Shelves, 2 Crispers, 4 Door Bins
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Parts and Labor)

Why Should You Buy It?

First up, you’ll love to have such a large storage capacity. Its cooling technology is indisputably great since you won’t face difficulties maintaining an optimal temperature consistently. Considering the price, you would expect a built-in ice maker which is not available with the unit.

5. Daewoo RTE18GSBCD Top Mount Refrigerator, 18 Cu.Ft.

Daewoo RTE18GSBCD Top Mount Refrigerator, 18 Cu.Ft
Among the few refrigerators brought by the manufacturer, this one stands out with a good number of benefits for those who need an apartment-size fridge that offers standard capacity and lasts for years to come.

Dual Evaporators

This model includes dual compressors or evaporators, which keep fresh foods in good condition longer as it uses a separate cooling system for the refrigerator and the freezer. This feature results in the fridge’s being more efficient than those with just one cooling system.

Spacious Interior with Clear Storage Options

Both the door bins and crispers are transparent, allowing you to know which section to look at for certain food items. Although those bins are not suitable for large bottles, they can house the regular bottle sizes and cans.

Convenient Control Units with Bright LEDs

The unit uses two separate areas for temperature control inside the fresh food compartment and the freezer. The LEDs are not exceptionally bright, but they do the job of lighting your way inside the refrigerator when needed.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Style: Top Freezer, Freestanding
  • Color: Black, Glossy
  • Handle: Standard
  • Capacity: 18.3 Cu. Ft. (Fresh: 13.14 Cu. Ft.; Freezer: 5.04 Cu. Ft.)
  • Storage: 3 Shelves, 2 Crispers, 7 Door Bins
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Parts)

Why Should You Buy It?

A refrigerator with 18 Cu. Ft. in capacity couldn’t be more affordable than Daewoo RTE18GSBCD. Maybe, you won’t disagree. The model might feel a little heavier than most others in the same category, but that shouldn’t be a problem unless you move the appliance frequently throughout the year.

What to Look For When Buying a 30 Inch Wide Refrigerator?

Since a refrigerator is meant to last for years and the price is considerable, you want it to have all the features and conveniences that a home appliance should offer. Now, we’ll be talking about factors relevant to a 30-inch refrigerator.

Refrigerator Dimensions (Width, Height, and Depth) and Capacity

You may want to consider these factors as just numbers, but there is more to them. Apart from the various features, dimensions are critical as they help you determine how your new refrigerator will fit in.

What Is the Standard Width of a Refrigerator?

The width of a refrigerator is closely associated with its type. Standard width ranges from 28.75 to 39.75 inches. Other standard dimensions include the height, which ranges from 61.75 to 71.25 inches, the depth, which ranges from 28.75 to 34.63 inches (45 to 50 inches with the door ajar), and the capacity from 20 to 25 Cu. Ft.

Here is a quick list, in case you are interested in knowing the width of refrigerators by style.

  • Side-by-Side: 33″ to 36″
  • Bottom Freezer: 24″ to 36″
  • Top Freezer: 28″ to 33″
  • French-Door: 28″ to 36″
  • Built-in: 30″ to 48″
  • Freezerless: 14.3″ to 32″
  • Compact: 18″ to 22″
  • Wine Refrigerators: 15″ to 30″
  • Refrigerators with Water and Ice Dispenser: 28″ to 36″

Given the width (30 inches) of a refrigerator, you might just know about the other dimensions that vary by this specific width. Let’s talk about depth, height, and capacity.

How Deep Is a 30 Inch Wide Refrigerator?

What you get by measuring from a refrigerator’s front to the back (excluding the handle) is its depth, which usually ranges from 24 to 36 inches.

Considering the above, refrigerators fall into two categories: standard-depth (up to 30-inch deep) and counter-depth models (up to 36-inch deep).

Counter-depth refrigerators are about as deep as the size of standard kitchen cabinets, but standard-depth models have more depth as they stick out from any surrounding cabinets.

That being said, 30-inch refrigerators tend to have at least 30 inches of depth, and you are likely to find more standard-depth fridges than counter-depth models.

How Tall Is a 30 Refrigerator?

Based on our findings, we see 30-inch refrigerators are anywhere between 65 inches and 70.5 inches in height across the different styles, e.g., side-by-side, French doors, etc.

Use a tape measure to calculate the height. Extend the tape from the top (door hinges) to the floor. Most of the dimensions you see listed exclude those hinges. You need to add an inch to the listed height if you don’t want to measure it yourself.

Although height doesn’t usually make a huge difference, you still want to record the deepest, tallest, and widest dimensions to save yourself the hassle of altering your cabinets or counters.

How Many Cubic Feet Is a 30 Inch Wide Refrigerator?

The majority of 30-inch refrigerators come with a range of capacities from 15 Cu. Ft. to 22 Cu. Ft. Since capacity is a significant number, here is an acceptable method to calculate it against any given width.

Use a tape measure to find the depth, height, and width of the interiors of a refrigerator. Multiply all three figures and divide the result by 1728 (1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches). The calculated result is your refrigerator’s capacity (expressed in cubic feet).

How Many Cubic Feet Do You Need for Your Family?

A refrigerator that doesn’t meet your family’s needs is not a good thing to have. Below are some tips to help you know how many cubic feet (Cu. Ft.) should be enough for your family.

  • 4 to 6 Cu. Ft. of space is good for an adult.
  • You may want some extra space to use on holidays or during other gatherings.
  • A small family of 2-3 members that doesn’t cook much at home can use about 12 to 16 Cu. Ft. But those who often rely on home-cooked meals should have at least 18 Cu. Ft.
  • A family of 4-5 members needs a minimum of 20 Cu. Ft.

Attention to Your Habit of Cooking and Shopping

  • If frozen foods are on top of your list of foods, you need more space in the freezer.
  • If you rely on fresh food and buy them almost daily, you need more space in the fresh food compartment.

Refrigerator Styles

There are eight different styles of refrigerators to meet the needs of every household. Each of these styles has its benefits and limitations.

French-door models are popular due to their wonderful aesthetics while side-by-side models have narrow doors, thereby making an ideal choice for interiors with tight spaces. Bottom freezers keep fresh foods accessible and at eye level.

Style Description Pros Cons
French Door Most models are premium appliances with two narrow doors on top and a drawer followed by a freezer. Easy access to food and track the condition of different items; 

Increased storage for large doors and wide shelves; 

Spacious freezer; 

Reliable cooling system with smart features

Not much of a budget appliance
Side-by-Side These refrigerators have narrow doors and two sides, one for the fridge and another for the freezer. Less room required for opening door; 

Convenient access to food kept in both the fridge and freezer, thanks to the side-by-side positioning; 

More shelf space in the freezer; 

Smart features (with recent models)

Not much of an energy-efficient or space-saving design
Built-in These refrigerators are (fit) secured into the kitchen cabinetry and covered with custom or stainless steel panels to blend into the space. Designed to fit flush with your cabinetry; 

More durable than the standalone type; 

Range of door styles and customizations

More expensive than most other styles; 

Hassles involved in moving to a new location

Top-Freezer These refrigerators are of a traditional style that fits in tight spots. These models often come with wide swing doors, requiring you to crouch down to access the lower drawers and shelves. Affordable option with energy-saving operation; 

Easy access to the freezer and the top rack being at eye level; 

Sufficient capacity for small families

Fewer organizers and storage alternatives; 

Absence of pull-out drawers for the freezer

Bottom-Freezer These appliances are much similar to top-freezers in terms of most specs except for the freezer being on the bottom. Ideal for small kitchens and tight spots; 

Minimized overhead lifting

Often costlier upfront; 

Fewer choices available (in terms of capacities, dimensions, etc.)

Freezerless Model This style of refrigerator has the entire volume dedicated to cooling, not freezing. Larger cooling unit than that of a model with combined units; 

Ideal for those looking to keep fresh food in large quantities

No freezers, meaning that you’ll need a full-size unit for frozen items
Compact Models It is a miniaturized version, often having a small freezer unit inside its refrigeration compartment. Built for dorm rooms, office rooms, and any other space where the space is too limited to house a standard refrigerator Not much of an appliance for family use 
Wine Coolers These appliances are available in a range of sizes, from compact to full-size. Multi Zone temperature settings; 

Specially built for wine enthusiasts who can save some space in regular refrigerators

Not useful when you need to meet your daily needs

We haven’t included counter-depth models as a distinct style since these refrigerators are primarily available in both French-door and side-by-side styles. The profile of a counter-depth fridge is a bit shallower than that of a standard-depth model. If your counter comes with a standard width, the refrigerator having a shallow profile won’t stick out.

Look and Finish

Choosing a refrigerator that matches your decor is essential. In terms of aesthetics, stainless finishes are simply outstanding with black and/or white colors. Look for a fridge with a protective coating on its surface that resists smears and smudges.

Some refrigerators have fingerprint-resistant finishes, which prove helpful when your kids might want to use the appliance quite frequently.

Smart Features, Innovations, and Other Extras

Electronic appliances are all about convenience and comfort, whether you buy a 30 inch wide side by side refrigerator or a French Door. Let’s know about the following features that add to a refrigerator’s usability.

Many fridges feature dual evaporation technology, which controls humidity across the internal spaces to keep the food fresher for longer durations.

Some high-end models feature adjustable cooling zones that allow you to switch the refrigerator to a freezer or the other way around in seconds.

Being able to choose between manual and automatic defrost systems is important. Refrigerators with an automatic defrost function use more energy than a model with manual defrost.

Many brands are trying to take the concept of connectivity up a notch by adding Wi-Fi systems to refrigerators, letting users leave notes, access apps, find and view recipes, calendars, etc.

A refrigerator with Energy Star certification brings you peace of mind. You can stay assured that the appliance is ready to use energy efficiently and save you some bucks each month without requiring you to sacrifice any desirable feature.

Reputable manufacturers combine door-in-door or similar technologies to allow quick access to door bins that are used frequently.

Filtration, Ice and Water Dispenser

Trying to find a 30 inch wide refrigerator with water and ice dispenser may not be a practical proposition for everyone. In fact, these features are available in considerably larger (wider) and higher-end models but you may want to learn more about ice makers, which usually come as one of the three types such as,

  • An in-freezer ice maker sits within the freezer unit and is more affordable than others, but it takes up some usable space in the compartment it’s contained.
  • Many French-door and side-by-side refrigerators feature an external ice dispenser, which works upon the press of a lever or touch of a button.
  • Refrigerators with dual ice makers have one in-freezer and another in-door ice maker, being ideal for houses that need a lot of ice.

You’ll see three types of dispensing systems that come as a built-in feature with refrigerators.

  • Thru-the-door water dispensers are the most common types allowing you quick access to clean water without opening the door.
  • Internal dispensers are cost-effective, but they are an in-freezer option.
  • Hot water dispensers provide hot water or beverages at the press of a button.

Refrigerators use these two systems when it comes to filtration.

  • A water filtration system requires a filter that performs certain functions like reducing chlorine, improving water taste, and removing harmful contaminants.
  • An air filter works to eliminate foul odors, keeping the refrigerator smelling fresh.

Budget for a 30-Inch Wide Refrigerator

A thousand bucks should be a good number to look at. Refrigerators on our list cost between $700 and $1,500. However, you may want to spend a few hundred bucks more on the models that offer intelligent features plus the above extras.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In addition to the above considerations, you’ll need to know a few more things at some point. People often ask these questions about refrigerators.

What is the ideal temperature for refrigerators?

Answer: As the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends, The temperature of a refrigerator should be at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures at or below this level prevent the growth of E. coli, salmonella, listeria, and other microorganisms, which can be the causes of foodborne illnesses.

The temperature of the freezer should be zero degrees Fahrenheit. Food stored at this level can be kept safe from bacteria. These temperatures (both for fresh foods and freezer) don’t kill the bacteria that already exist on/ inside the food.

You should follow proper measures to ensure food safety. Here is a quick list of actions.

  • Wash both of your hands as you need to handle food.
  • Cleaning every surface that may come into contact with the food
  • Refrigerate perishable food as quickly as possible. Try to put edible items (the recommended ones) as soon as you have fulfilled your needs.

You should follow the “two-hour rule” for some food items, which means you can keep those foods at room temperature for only two hours.

According to the Department of Agriculture, temperatures should not exceed 40 degrees because the “Danger Zone” starts after 40 degrees, suggesting that temperatures from 40 to 140 degrees foster the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms. Sometimes, their numbers may double in about 20 minutes.

How long will a refrigerator last?

Answer: The U.S. Department of Energy states that 12 years is the average lifespan of refrigerators. A refrigerator’s lifespan depends on several things, including the technology and the quality of the materials and components in use. Durability also depends on how you use the refrigerator over the years.

Models with intelligent features like door alarms, some AI tech, etc., can help you optimize the load on their heat exchangers to keep them cool, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

Can you use a new refrigerator immediately?

Answer: The answer is yes and no. The thermostat settings determine the required temperature at which your refrigerator regulates. Putting food before the refrigerator’s temperature is at an optimum level is not wise because not only will the food take much longer to freeze or cool, the fridge undergoes much strain, resulting in higher energy bills.

So, how long do experts suggest users wait? Wait for at least two hours. Any longer duration shouldn’t hurt either. Follow these rules before putting food or anything in your new refrigerator.

  • Take a piece of (soft) cloth. Wipe the inside clean using soapy water.
  • Plug your refrigerator in after you’ve let it stand for two hours.
  • Make sure the temperature reaches 0. You need to maintain the ideal temperatures (suggested above) afterward.
  • Put your food items inside and arrange them properly by consulting the owner manual (if required).

Should you follow any refrigerator maintenance schedule?

Answer: A standard maintenance guide includes three schedules throughout the year,

  • Once a Month: Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator
  • Once in 2-3 Months: Deodorizing the interior and cleaning/ inspecting the door gaskets
  • Once in 6 Months: Cleaning the condenser coils, drain hole/ drip pan, checking if the model stays level, replacing the filter (if any)

How do you care for your refrigerator?

Answer: Proper care is essential to the efficiency and lifespan of your refrigerator. Include the following steps in your routine care checklist.

  • Keep the appliance away from any source of fire.
  • Allow the coils to have free space, at least a few inches off the wall.
  • Keep the coils free of dust and debris.
  • Monitor the temperature every week.
  • Use soapy water to clean the interior side. Apply some white vinegar if you see mildew.
  • Empty the drip pan (if any) and clean it every season.


So, what is the best 30 inch wide refrigerator? By now, you have become close to an answer. Here is our concluding remark on the above refrigerators, in case you want to use some quick tips.

Both Frigidaire FFHT1835VW and FFTR1835VS are preferable to other models when it comes to storage space. Daewoo RTE18GSBCD stands as the most reasonably priced 30-inch wide refrigerator.

RCA RFR1207 is an ideal choice if you are concerned about annual energy bills. With a focus on durability, you would like to choose either Frigidaire FFTR1821TS or FFTR1821TW.

So, you got all the recommendations we wanted to provide. Write to us or ask questions if you need further assistance.

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