What is The Best 33 inch Wide Refrigerator on the Market Today?

Wide fridges are becoming increasingly popular, as more people buy larger homes with big kitchens. In the past, some fridge manufacturers made “under-counter” or compact models as small as 25 inches wide, but this trend is changing as some designers want their appliances to be a style statement in the kitchen.

Why 33 inch wide refrigerator

33 inch wide fridges are usually big enough to fit in most household items, including family-sized party platters and large containers of milk while leaving space to spare for opening doors wide when you’re reaching into the back. You can choose your 33-inch wide fridge with either French doors or four doors. French door fridges have three large doors that open downwards to allow you access to the fridge compartment and freezer at the same time, which can be especially useful if you like to stock up on fresh food and freeze big items such as party platters, casseroles or cakes for special occasions.

What is The Best 33 inch Wide Refrigerator

As well as buying a 33-inch wide refrigerator with French doors or four doors, consider buying one with reversible hinges so the left-hand door can open to the right. This is ideal if you prefer your 33-inch wide refrigerator to be on the right rather than the left of your kitchen, as it will allow you to open both doors at once more easily than if they were hinged on opposite sides.

You can find 33 inch wide models in either side-by-‘bottom-‘swing or bottom-mount drawer fridges, which are the most popular for this size. Both varieties are fitted with sturdy caster wheels that make it easy to move your appliances around to clean the floor underneath, though you’ll also need at least three feet of clearance under your wide refrigerator to accommodate its height when it’s fully extended.

What is the Best 33 inch Wide Refrigerator on the Market Today?

Here are our top picks for the best 33 inch wide fridges on the market today:

Haier HRF33N3AT Ice Maker Fridge

Haier is one of the best-known brands for producing top quality products at affordable prices. The Haier HRF33N3AT Ice Maker Fridge combines all the innovative features you’d expect from a high-end appliance with the convenience and value you need in your home.

This 33 inch wide refrigerator offers 14 cubic feet of spacious storage plus 4.4 cubic feet of freezer space, and has adjustable shelves for flexible organization. The built-in ice maker ensures you’ll always have plenty of ice at your fingertips, and the electronic controls are easy to program so you can quickly get your new 33 inch wide refrigerator up and running.

The sleek black finish looks fantastic in any kitchen, while the reversible doors open from left to right for flexible configuration in tight spaces. With a metal handle and sleek finish, it’s one of the best models available for homes with small kitchens or narrow doorways.

Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N

The Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N is another top quality 33 inch wide refrigerator that combines outstanding performance with stylish design. This model offers 22 cubic feet of storage space, with 10 cubic feet in the fridge compartment and 12 cubic feet in the freezer section. That’s plenty of room to stock up on fresh groceries for your family without worrying about food going out of date before you get a chance to eat it.

The energy-efficient EcoFresh Crisper ensures freshness, while the innovative NoFrost technology stops ice from building up inside the freezer compartment. Bosch is a popular brand for appliances that combine outstanding performance with stylish design, and this 33 inch wide refrigerator is one of our best picks.

Electrolux EI23BC56GS

With the Electrolux EI23BC56GS, you’ll get all of the stylish features of top quality appliances combined with outstanding performance. This model is 23 cubic feet in size, offering 11.3 cubic feet of storage space in the fridge section and 12.5 cubic feet in the freezer.

There’s plenty of room for entertaining or stocking up on frozen ingredients, while the innovative FreshFlow produce preserver and NoFrost technology both help to keep your food fresh and waste to a minimum. The elegant white finish looks great in any kitchen, while the reversible doors open from left-to-right for easier access in narrow spaces.

Haier HRB14DA3W Frost-free Upright Freezer

The Haier HRB14DA3W Frost-free Upright Freezer provides 12.5 cubic feet of freezer space in a stylish white finish that will match any decor. This model is 14 inches high, making it perfect for use under countertops or tall kitchen units where there’s no room for a chest freezer.

The easy-to-use electronic controls give you complete control over the temperature, and this freezer model is eco-friendly so it’s safe for the environment too. With reversible doors that open from left to right, it will fit into narrow spaces with ease.

What are the benefits of choosing a 33 inch wide refrigerator?

Choosing a 33 inch wide refrigerator has several advantages, including:

More space for bigger items: Whether you want to store big party platters or buy in bulk, having an extra storage room means you can keep more food fresh at once.

More space for your family’s needs: You’ll have plenty of room to store extra items for visiting guests, plus enough space in the freezer compartment to stock up on expensive items when they’re on sale without wasting food.

Better organization: With more room comes the convenience of keeping everything organized so you can find what you need when you need it.

How to find the best 33 inch wide refrigerator for your needs

When you’re buying a new 33 inch wide refrigerator, bear in mind these five important factors:

Capacity: Capacity refers to how much storage space is available inside the fridge and freezer sections combined. You’ll find that many 33 inch wide refrigerators have a combined capacity of about 20 cubic feet. If you live alone, you might only need around 10 to 15 cubic feet of storage space. Always check that your 33 inch wide refrigerator has enough storage space for the size of your household and that it’s easy to organize items in separated compartments so food stays fresh longer.

Style: Some 33 inch wide models have a modern, sophisticated look, while others have a more traditional finish. If you want your new appliance to be a style statement in your kitchen, consider buying one with stainless steel exterior doors or aluminum panels. Otherwise, black or white finishes are also popular for this size of the appliance.

Budget: Most 33 inch wide fridges are big-ticket items, but you’ll find that they’re available in a range of different price ranges. If you like to shop around online for the cheapest deals, be sure to check out appliance sale websites as well as brands such as Bosch, Haier and Kenmore.

Flexibility: Imagine you need to store a big party platter because your friends are visiting, but the fridge has no room. A 33 inch wide refrigerator with adjustable shelves can be configured to hold larger items like this, making flexibility an important consideration when you’re buying new appliances for your home.

Size: You’ll find that most 33 inch wide fridges are standard size. However, you might prefer to buy one that’s smaller or larger than normal to make the most of your available space.


If you’re looking for a 33 inch wide refrigerator to suit your needs, check out these best-selling models today. They offer outstanding performance and stylish design in a wide range of styles, so you’re sure to find one that suits your kitchen perfectly.

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