Can You Put a Microwave on Top of a Refrigerator? [Is It safe?]

The microwave oven is an important kitchen appliance that makes cooking easier. We all know how that device simplifies things for us. But many people often face the challenge while deciding where to keep it, especially if the space is small. Sometimes the only available space in the kitchen becomes the top of the refrigerator.

So, what should you do if you face such a dilemma and are concerned about the dangers of such an action? Keep reading to know the right things to do. This article will discuss whether can you put a microwave on top of a refrigerator or not. Also, we will discuss the items that you can store on top of a refrigerator.

Let’s get right into it.

How Much Weight Can You Put on Top of a Refrigerator?

The weight capacity of a refrigerator varies depending on the size. Some people will usually estimate 15-20 kg, while others might say something else. Sometimes, people place items weighing 30 kg on their refrigerators without damaging them. So, it all depends on the size of your fridge. If you have a mini – fridge in a small kitchen space, it may not be able to bear the weight, let alone the hot foods making the surface vulnerable.

put a microwave on top of a refrigerator

But if you want to know the specific weight that your refrigerator can hold, check the device’s manual. Many manufacturers will be specific about the things you can put on your fridge. For example, some might specifically tell you the highest weight to introduce on the device. But don’t be surprised if your refrigerator manual cautions against putting things on the fridge top.

So it all depends on the brand you got. Nevertheless, it is usually safer to put lighter things on the refrigerator than heavy items. Some food things, such as veggies, cereal boxes, pasta, grocery bags, etc., can be okay on your fridge.

But when it comes to keeping heavy things on the refrigerator, you must be careful. Some refrigerator tops are not sturdy enough to hold the weight of heavy items. For instance, some refrigerators for vegetables are small and sometimes very light. Also, the wheels might be designed to bear the weight of the fridge and the things inside it. So, when you dump a cooler of soft drinks on it, you might cause it to collapse.

Can You Put a Microwave on Top of a Refrigerator?

You can put the microwave on top of a refrigerator if it doesn’t cover the vents. Also, the device must be within the weight capacity of the fridge. So, before you decide to place the microwave oven on the refrigerator top, consider the following factors.

Can you put a microwave on top of a refrigerator

1. The weight of the microwave

Many countertop microwaves are small and lightweights, while some are large and heavy. So, if you have the lighter ones, your refrigerator top can cushion its weight. But any large and heavy microwave shouldn’t rest on the fridge, or it might damage it. So, buy a lightweight model if you don’t have any other space for it. At least, a model weighing 17.7 kg is okay to sit on the refrigerator top since the weight is within its capacity.

2. The Power Socket

Both the microwave and refrigerator consume power when in operation. So, if you’re keeping them together, make sure that the power socket has the capacity to produce the power they need. For instance, the microwave consumes from 500-1100 watts when operating.  The fridge can consume up to 2000 watts as it operates. With that, the socket should at least produce up to 2500 watts. If you don’t have such a socket, use different outlets for each machine.

3. Heat Emission

If you’ve ever felt the back of a refrigerator when it is working, you’ll notice that it is usually very hot. Also, the microwave produces heat when you use it. That’s why each has vents behind it to allow hot air to flow out.

So, before placing the microwave on a refrigerator top, make sure that the vents are not blocked. If not, the appliances might overheat due to lack of ventilation and stop working entirely.

4. Refrigerator Height

If your fridge is on the long side, placing the microwave on it might not be ideal. Your kids whose hands cannot reach the buttons might drag it down while trying. Also, you can spill food while bringing it out from the microwave. So, consider the height and how it will affect you while using the microwave in terms of convenience.

5. Safety issues

One other thing to consider is the safety of the microwave and those who use it on the fridge top. Make sure that the device balances very well to avoid falling. If it falls, it can damage beyond repair; it can also land on someone’s head and cause injury. So, if your fridge top is not wide enough to contain the device on every side, don’t bother placing it there.

What Should I Store on Top of My Refrigerator?

The best things to store on the refrigerator top are light items. Most refrigerators can cushion the weight of items weighing 60 pounds. So, you can keep anything below that on the fridge top. However, some of the recommended items to store on the fridge include:

store on top of my refrigerator

  • Simple household items
  • Flower vase
  • Medicine box
  • Lightweight food items such as beverages
  • A lightweight microwave
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Pasta, etc.

Stop placing heavy items on your fridge top to avoid overworking the compressor. If you mistakenly do so, don’t allow it to sit for a long time.

Bottom Line

Many refrigerators, except the mini ones, can cushion items weighing up to 30 kg or more. Since most microwaves weigh 17.7 kg, it is safe to be on the fridge top. But don’t forget to check some of the factors we discussed above before you can put a microwave on top of a refrigerator.

If the power socket is not capable of supplying power to both, look for another spot. Also, make sure that the vents of both appliances are free to let out hot air. If not, you will cause irreparable damages. But before you place anything on the fridge top, check the manual to know the capacity.

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