How to Make Room for a Wide Refrigerator – In Depth Guide

If you’ve been considering purchasing a wide refrigerator, you’re not alone. These models have become increasingly popular in recent years, as homeowners search for ways to make the most of their kitchen space. If your current refrigerator is too narrow to accommodate a wider model, don’t worry – there are several ways to make room for one. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to make room for a wide refrigerator for most homes. Read on to learn more!

How to Make Room for a Wide Refrigerator

What is a ‘Wide Refrigerator’?

A wide refrigerator can be up to 44 inches across, whereas standard refrigerators are just under 33 inches. While this may not sound like much of a difference, the extra space allows for an increased storage capacity that can greatly simplify your life. For example, you may find yourself purchasing fewer refrigerated items as you can now fit a larger quantity of perishable foods in the refrigerator.

Why Do I Need to Make Room for a Wide Refrigerator?

If your current fridge is too narrow to accommodate a 44-inch model, it’s time to find out how much space you have available. In general, making room for a standard width refrigerator (30-33 inches) is fairly straightforward. However, if your home doesn’t have enough space to accommodate the width of a standard fridge you’ll need to make room for its larger cousin. You can determine how much space you have available by measuring the width of your current refrigerator and comparing it with the dimensions of a 44-inch model. If the difference in width is more than 7-10 inches, you’re going to need some additional space.

How to Make Room for a Wide Refrigerator?

The first step when making room for a wide refrigerator is to clear away any furniture or appliances that might get in the way. This includes removing the old unit and clearing out any shelving or cabinets to provide enough room for the new fridge. You’ll also want to remove anything that could get in the way of mounting your refrigerators, such as drywall screws or other obstacles protruding from the wall.

You may think that you need a complicated plan when making space for your wide refrigerator; however, it’s often enough to keep the fridge where it is and just remove any built-in cabinets that are in the way. This will free up enough space for your new refrigerator without causing any major remodeling. You can then remove the old fridge (by disconnecting it from electricity, water and drain lines).

If you aren’t able to move your current fridge and need to make room for a wide fridge by moving it into a new location, you’ll need to perform some additional planning. For example, you may want to measure the dimensions of your current space and then use that as a guide when marking out where the new refrigerator will go. If there isn’t enough space in your current kitchen, you can look into additional options such as a garage or basement to put the new refrigerator in.

Once you determine where the new refrigerator will go, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s level before hanging it on the wall. This will ensure that your unit doesn’t shift once you fill it with food and drinks. You can use a simple, standard level to make sure your new refrigerator is perfectly straight.


Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the refrigerator is secured safely on the wall. You can do this by drilling holes and inserting anchors into drywall. While this will take a bit more time, it’s still the simplest method for hanging your new wide refrigerator.

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